This beautiful love story will tell you what true love is and bring tears to your eyes

When we talk of love, the first thing we talk of is “love at first sight”. Love is always associated with the beauty of the person – unfortunately, in modern shallow times, the beauty is often external beauty and not internal beauty. We see a person and fall for them. We do not look beyond the person’s external beauty – we do not see their nature, their personality, their attitude – all of that becomes secondary.
The story is of Jai and Sunitha, college friends turned lovers and what fate had in store for them. For Jai, it was love at first sight with Sunitha – the moment he saw her entering the class. They soon became friends and then became best friends but Jai kept his feelings to himself. When he finally confessed, she shrugged it off but his feelings did not change and they continued to stay friends. She too soon developed feelings for him but before their love story could take a beautiful form, tragedy struck and Sunitha met with an accident that left her scarred for life. But then, despite everything, Jai stood by her and held her hand through it all.
The story is one of bravery and that of standing up for your love and just what love means. Love is not being with a person for their beauty but for their heart. Love doesn’t change with time or with age. If your partner stops being beautiful of faces difficulties, it is about holding their hand and guiding them through – not leaving them in their times of need. Love unfortunately has taken on a shallow meaning today and it is not about the person. Also, for the youth, love is only about fulfilling their sexual desires. But it is not. It is so much more. It is about two souls and being together – come what may.

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