Spacetech startup Grahaa is launching nano satellites to stream high resolution videos from low earth orbit

Grahaa is working on designing and developing a cluster of earth observation nanosatellites to be launched into low earth orbit. The nanosatellites are intended to stream near real-time high definition (HD) videos of client=defined areas-of-interest.
The videos are processed in real-time and the analyzed feed will be made available to our clients through an AI powered interactive web platform.
The processed data thus obtained from satellite would cater to areas like agricultural management, disaster, and emergency response, military reconnaissance missions, investigative journalism, smart city initiatives and e-governance, marine intelligence, infrastructure and tracking industrial activity over specific areas.

According to Bryce space and technology report 2020, the global space economy is worth USD 366 billion. The new space ecosystem is slowly gaining traction thanks the changing market dynamics both in the upstream and downstream.
As per PwC report, the Indian space economy is valued at USD 7 billion, which is around 2 percent of the global space economy. India has recently opened up its space industry to private players and ISRO is also working on favorable remote sensing and space regulatory policies

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