The story of Auto driver, who sold his house to fund grandchild’s education

An elderly auto driver’s determination to ensure that his granddaughter should complete her education, even after the death of his two sons, has touched hearts online. In the face of limited resources, 74-year-old Deshraj chose to sell off his house so that he could help the girl pursue her dream of becoming a teacher. Through a crowdfunding initiative, Rs 24 lakh have now been collected and the cheque handed over to the auto driver.
His story caught people’s attention after he was profiled on ‘Humans of Bombay’ handle. He said in the post that he sold his house to fund his granddaughter’s education and was living in his auto. His story left thousands of people emotional and led to a fundraiser to help him.
While the target was to raise a sum of Rs 20 lakhs, donors exceeded it. A cheque of Rs 24 lakh has now been handed to the 74-year-old man so that he can buy a house.
Deshraj lost both his sons in a matter of a few years and ended up as the sole breadwinner of his family of seven members. Subsequently, his wife fell sick, draining his resources further.
Humans of Bombay, who brought attention to the driver’s struggle and sacrifices, shared the joyous news with their followers, adding some ‘Pawri’ twist. In a Reel video shared on Instagram by the popular page, the elderly driver is seen saying, “Ye main hoon, Deshraj; yeh mera auto aur hamari party ho rahi hai”. The elated man is also seen accepting the cheque at the end of the video.
“The support Deshraj ji has received is immense! Because you all went out of your way to help him, he now has a roof over his head, and will be able to educate his granddaughter! Thank you so much ♥️” the page wrote.

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